Volume 1


Chapter 1 Thumbnail Chapter 1: Skulliver Grim

Skulliver is having weird dreams about his own death. While he is working on a school assignment with his friend, Skull unexpectedly gets attacked by hellhounds.

Chapter 2 Thumbnail Chapter 2: My Hell

After being saved by a mysterious boy, Skull runs back home in the rain. Then, he receives a visit from his dad, who tells him the truth about what’s going on.

Chapter 3 Thumbnail Chapter 3: The Scythe

A normal day at school turns into a mess after Skull meets Melon at the school yard.

Chapter 4 Thumbnail Chapter 4: Elise and Melon

Melon asks for reinforcements, while Skull gets discharged from the hospital. Elise joins the party to help solve the mysteries surrounding Winter Hills.

Chapter 5 Thumbnail Chapter 5: Prom

Skull, Elise and Melon go to the Spring Prom at Winter Hills Highschool, in order to make sure nothing bad happens.

Volume 2

Chapter 6 Thumbnail Chapter 6: Nightmare

After being a victim of induced possession, Skull has a meeting with his worst nightmare.

Chapter 7 Thumbnail Chapter 7: Reality

Facing the reality that was upon them, Elise and Melon fight Daverell while Skull meets up with a mysterious entity inside his head.

Chapter 8 Thumbnail Chapter 8: Mindscape

Daverell VS Heitor

Chapter 9 Thumbnail Chapter 9: Exorcism

With the help of his friends, Melon sets in motion a plan to help Heitor defeat Daverell. But at what cost?

Chapter 10 Thumbnail Chapter 10: Kerberos

One month has passed since the prom incident. Skull and Anna are playing baseball at the Winter Hills Stadium when they suddenly meet a talking dog.

Chapter 11 Thumbnail Chapter 11: Back to Hell

Melon and Elise bring Skull back to Hell in order to attend an important and mysterious meeting.

Volume 3